CHEMIPLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED // An Exclusive Agent of EZELKIM (Turkey)// Also An Exclusive Agent of DYEAUXIL (India)

Company profile


To manufacture & distribute the highest quality chemicals with a continued commitment to meet customers’ requirements, latest innovation & eco-friendly chemistry.



To be the market leader as Textile dyes & auxiliaries suppliers with

  • the highest ethical standards
  • unique products mix
  • maximum quality consistency
  • Constantly developing & upgrading chemicals.
  • sustainable chemicals management
  • Commitment to build a greener & safer environment for next generation.


Our Values:

  • To ensure the highest Customers’ Satisfaction:

We are always committed to meet our customers’ satisfaction with the maximum products’ quality, technical problems solving, on time delivery, documentations supports & best co-operation for the highest Customer Relationship Management.

  • To ensure the maximum Employees’ satisfaction:

We are committed to keep our employees satisfied by better working environment, on-time salary, decision making involvement, proper guidance & workshop for developing career to be market leader.

  • To maintain the highest ethical values:

We maintain the highest ethical standard to make our business policy with customer, our quality consistency & maximum co-operation to customers has made us unique to do long-time business with every customers.

About Us:

Chemi Plus International Ltd. is an innovative & leading supplying company in Denim Chemicals, Textile Chemicals.

The professional technical support together with the high quality of our products have made Chemi Plus Ltd. an irrevocable partner.

Chemi Plus International Ltd. has been doing business since 2012 in Bangladesh market with leading garments Washing & Dyeing factory without any complain.

Message from Principal of Ezelkim:

Ezelkim believes in the concept of using world best quality raw materials, modern biotechnology & the efficient use of green chemistry. Our manufactured chemicals are bio-degradable. This concept has strengthen our strong effort for better sustainable future for the Textile & Garments Wet Processing industries.

We try our best for providing costs benefits & remarkable savings to our respected clients.

Ezelkim always try to bring innovations, & compliance. Our technical team are enough knowledgeable to give you the best support both before & after sales services in problem solving.

We emphasis on services & dedications to your smooth productions. Advanced eco-friendly chemistry, innovative processes & costs savings optimization is our main strength & our motto is to give you the best products in terms of price, qualities & services.

Message from Managing Director of Chemi Plus International Ltd.:

Chemiplus International Ltd. is the only exclusive agent of Ezelkim, Turkey. We have been doing business in Textile & Garments Wet Processing factories in Bangladesh with success & reputation for last 7 years.

We believe in long- term business relationship with customers. Every individual customer carries the highest value & importance from our side. We believe in new development, implement the highest effort in innovation to save cost & ensure an eco-friendly chemistry in chemicals formulation. Our motto is to ensure a greener & safer environment for the next generation with a sustainable growth.

I personally believe it as my responsibilities & ethics in for business growth.


Our Products:

Lycra Protector

Desizing Agent



  • Laccase Enzyme
  • Neutral Enzyme
  • Acid Cellulase
  • Powder Enzyme
  • Bioplish Enzyme
  • Stone Free Enzyme

Bleach activator

PP Activator

P.P Neutralizer

Fixing Agent


  • Anti-ozone Softener
  • Cationic Softener
  • Non-ionic Softener
  • Silicone Softener
  • Micro-Silicone Softener

Anti-back Staining Agent

Anti-creasing Agent

Zipper Protector

Tear Strength Improver

Silicon Emulsion Softener


3D Improver


Our Clients:

Al Muslim Group

  • Al Muslim Washing Ltd.
  • Al Muslim Yarn Dyeing Ltd.

Pacific Jeans Ltd.

Sepal Washing Ltd.

Simba Washing Ltd.

Dekko Group

  • Dekko Washing & Dyeing Ltd.
  • Agami Washing Ltd.

Sharmin Group

  • Sharaf Washing Ltd.

Starling Group

  • Blue Creation Ltd.

TNZ Group

  • Apparel Art Ltd. &
  • Aquatech Washing Ltd.

Bengal Group

  • Designer Washing Ltd.

Square Group

  • Square Denim Ltd.

HAMS Group

  • Dhaka Washing Ltd.

Radisson Loundry Ltd.

Windy Group

Hameem Group

  • Sajid Washing & Dyeing Ltd.