CHEMIPLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED // An Exclusive Agent of EZELKIM (Turkey)// Also An Exclusive Agent of DYEAUXIL (India)



Glyoxal Resin Buffered , No Catalised with very low formaldehyde ( CH20 = 30 ppm) is for multiple uses in textiles. 

Applied by normal dry crosslinking methods on fabric and used for wrinkle free finishing of garments

  • Single dose system, requiring no additional catalyst
  • Gives wash and wear effects-durable to washing up to the boil
  • Compatible with fluorocarbon resins
  • Excellent crease recovery and shrinkage control.


High-performance bleachable catalyst embedded DMDHEU resin which can be reticulated with heat for denim processing.

  • Reactive Resin free of formaldehyde
  • Used for the resin finishing of woven and knitted cellulose fibers and their blends
  • Can be used on their own for coating with excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning
  • Gives good anti-crease and shrinking resistance

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